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The Key to Compliancy - Idealpower
1st September 2016

The Key to Compliancy

The key to compliancy

Staying Compliant in an Industry of Forever Changing Standards

In a fast growing industry of electronics, new innovations are demanding higher certification and standards. These vary within sectors of the industry and can be extremely hard for Design Engineers and Purchasing Specialists to specify when sourcing. Such standards must be closely monitored by companies providing equipment such as Power Supplies to Engineers, as legal repercussions could cause damaging effects.

      So how can the industry stay safe?

The process involved with a product or part achieving these standards is conducted by Test Organisations, who survey the product and will award it with Legal Certifications if it meets a set list of specific standards. These are also International and Country-Specific Standards, so if a product is awarded only UK Standards, it can not legitimately be sold to North America.

Ideal Power source PSU’s with due diligence and responsibility; working very closely with Product Engineers and Power Supply Manufacturers, in order to obtain current and correct documentation. The company manage product safety and quality based on the intended Country and specific application of which it will enter, giving Buyers and Designers the confidence and scope to find a product based on its functionality and suitability specifications.

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