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Certifications and Standards

Certifications & Standards - How standards are producedCertification and Standards Map Intro bought ot you by Ideal Power

Here at Ideal Power, our priority is ensuring all products we source are not only efficient and reliable but conform to all certifications and standards, so no matter what part of the world your company sells to, you can relax in the knowledge that we ensure all safety standards and applicable regulations have been adhered to.

We know that understanding the subtle differences between each standard, regulation and directive can be daunting. As experts in the world of power conversion, we have prepared a comprehensive overview of the certifications and standards which govern the manufacturing and distribution of power supplies in different territories.

How do power supply regulations affect me?

In order to sell electronic products, various safety and efficiency standards across the world must be met, these may vary from country to country. These standards are defined and administered by national and international agencies, enforced through government bodies as a recognised regulation. Standards and regulations exist to ensure that products are safe and efficient, resulting in safer products which are free from a defective design.

As with any regulation, failure to demonstrate that you have met the prescribed standard can lead to serious legal ramifications.

How do I ensure my product meets the relevant standards?

To ensure components or products you are obtaining meet all relevant standards and approvals, you should check that your product not only carries a certified mark but that all the relevant approvals and tests have been carried out.

For example, a manufacturer may apply the CE certification mark to a power supply but they could have only carried out an EMC test, however, a CE certification mark should only be applied when the power supply has passed the EMC & LVD tests and met RoHS approval.

At Ideal Power, we are constantly working at keeping up to date with the latest industry standards and are meticulous in our approach. So, you can rest assure that the components we source meet current regulations and standards for the intended application; whether an external power supply to be used with a telephone in the US or a LED driver in Europe.

Find certifications and standards by region using our interactive map.