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EV Charger Residual Current Transducer

Ideal Power's 36TLB6-A1PDM EV Charger Residual Current Transducer Series are certified to RoHS & IEC 61010/IEC 62752 /IEC 62955 Standards and comply with the relevant Efficiency Regulations. These are primarily used in EV Automotive Industries and customised solutions are available upon request.

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  • Open-loop, fluxgate-based current transducer
  • 80A Single phase (40A Three phase)
  • Meet IEC 62752: 2018 (IC-CPD)
  • Meet IEC 62955: 2018 (RDC-PD)
  • Meet the requirements of AC 30mA and DC 6mA residual current detection
  • PCB installation, easy to use
  • 3,000 A surge current capability

Basic Specification

Product Type Modules & Transducers Residual Current Transducer
Input Voltage 4.8~5.2V DC
Number of Outputs Single
Output Connector Pin Connection
Dimensions 30.6x49.05x16.5mm
Industry EV Automotive
Standards IEC 61010, IEC 62752, IEC 62955

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