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10-40W DC/DC PCB Mount Power Supply (DIP)

Ideal Power's 36PVxx-29Bxx 10-40W DC/DC PCB Mount Power Supply (DIP) Series are certified to cURus, CSA, UKCA, CE, CB & EN 62109-1/IEC 62109-1 Standards and comply with the relevant Efficiency Regulations. These are primarily used in Photovoltaic Industries and customised solutions are available upon request.

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  • Ultra-wide 200~1500V DC input voltage range
  • Industrial grade operating temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
  • 4000V AC high isolation voltage
  • High-Efficiency, low Ripple & Noise
  • Input UVP, RPP, Output SCP, OCP, OVP
  • Mounting: PCB mounting, DIN-Rail mounting available
  • Reinforced insulation

Basic Specification

Product Type DC/DC Converters DC/DC PCB Mount Power Supply
Input Voltage 200~1500V DC
Output 5V DC 2A
Output Power 10W
Number of Outputs Single
Efficiency 64.0%
Output Connector DIP
Dimensions 125x75x40mm
Industry Photovoltaic
Standards EN 62109-1, IEC 62109-1

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