P-DUKE Power

Ideal Power partner with P-Duke

Ideal Power have identified a strong relationship with the specialist manufacturer, P-DUKE, bringing together a dedicated customer focus and commitment to quality.

P-DUKE Power, formerly POWERMATE is an innovator of AC/DC PSU’s and DC/DC converters,  delivering products, services and solutions to a Global spectrum. They provide highly certified and reliable products to such markets as;

Established in 1992, ISO 9001 Approved P-DUKE has accumulated key skills and knowledge to continuously offer precise and contemporary products to a large range of markets, whilst seamlessly handling Global logistics.

Product Selector Guide

Standard or Customised and Application Specific power modules from P-DUKE


P-DUKE’s standard AC/DC range boasts wide range of input voltages and 1~150W output. They offer a range of output voltages and high isolation voltages of up to 4000V AC. The units are available in various different mechanical formats; Open Frame, Chassis, Enclosed and DIN-Rail mounting options.

I.T.E Power SuppliesSelect the Output Power to view each range

Open Frame Series40W65W100W150W
U-Chassis Series40W65W100W150W
Enclosed Series40W65W100W150W
Din-Rail Series40W65W100W150W

Medical 60601-1 Power SuppliesSelect the Output Power to view each range

Open Frame30W40W65W100W150W450W

DC/DC Converters

Featuring certain models in ultra small footprint sizes, the 1~255w DC/DC range from P-DUKE are also available in a diverse range of mechanical options; SMD, SIP, DIP, Brick, and Wall Mounted/DIN-Rail. A non-isolated range of converter is also available within 1~30A. The The 3~10W Medical DC/DC converter range features a 5000V AC high isolation and includes various electrical specifications and a combination of 2x MOOP and 2x MOPP.

SMD/SIP/DIP ConvertersSelect the Output Power to view each range

Low Profile SMD Package1W2W3W
Low Profile SIP Package1W2W3W5W6W9W
Low Profile DIP Package1W2W 3W
DIP24 Package3W5W8W12W15W
1 x 1 Inch DIP Package10W15W20W30W
2 x 1 Inch DIP Package5W10W15W20W30W40W60W
2 x 1.6 & 2 x 2 Inch DIP Package15W20W30W40W60W

Converters With Screw Terminal Block Select the Output Power to view each range

Quarter Brick100W150W
Half Brick75W100W150W200W

Medical 60601-1 Converters Select the Output Power to view each range

DIP Package 3000V AC Isolation3W6W10W
DIP Package 5000V AC Isolation6W10W

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through eco design production and procurement, P-DUKE prides themselves in bringing reduced environmentally damaging waste materials to the power supply market as their Green Service. With both RoHS and REACH certified products, the company continue to innovate in a way in which they can constantly reduce both their Carbon Footprint and their use of conflict materials.