Audio Visual Power Supplies

With the rapid growth that the audio visual market experiences year upon year, reliable audio visual power supplies are key to your brand’s success.

25HK-AW-050A250-CP 12.5W 5V 2.5A
25HK-AW-120A125-CP-RM 15W 12V 1.25
15DYS618-180100W-K 18W 18V 1A
25HK-AB-120A250-D5-FR 30W 12V 2.5A
25HK-AB-140A214-D56 30W 14V 2.14A
Popular Modules for Audio Visual Applications


Here at Ideal Power we work with a diverse portfolio of manufacturers to source and produce a comprehensive catalogue of Power Supply Units (PSU) suited to an array of applications. And we already boast several long-term clients within the audio-visual industry, which has helped us form a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by the industry and how to overcome them.

Linear Power Supplies

Linear power supplies are often a quick and economical fix in the audio industry and work particularly well with products such as amplifiers. This is because AC/AC power supplies possess a low operating frequency, producing optimal noise and ripple visual power supplies from Ideal Power


However, the size and weight of linear power solutions increase with the power they produce; which results in limitations on the output power of linear power supplies.

The technology used in linear PSU also means they are rarely as efficient as their switch mode counterparts. At ideal Power, we can offer AC/AC power supplies ranging from 6 Watts to 40 Watts, with a proportion of units conforming to ErP II (Level 5) efficiency, or even Level VI efficiency standards in some instances.

Switch Mode Power Supplies

audio visual power supplies from Ideal PowerWith the limitations of linear power supplies, you might think using a switch mode power supply would make more sense, especially given that they are a smaller, lighter and more efficient choice.  However, the challenge lies in the noise and ripple performance. AC/DC Power Supplies often produce variable frequencies together with output power, rather than the static frequencies linear PSU’s work at (Though they can be manipulated to operate at a fixed frequency, these models are specially manufactured for audio applications).

This is not to say that standard switch mode PSU should be written off at all, as there is still a lot of scope for audio PSU within this range.

Customised Audio Visual Power Supplies

In addition to our linear AC/AC PSU, switch mode AC/DC external PSU, AC/DC PSU and DC/DC converter models on our website, our speciality really lies in our success of working with manufacturers to produce customised power supply units built to meet our client’s specifications. This can range from something as simple as a customised cable length to more complex specifications, such as PCB design.

bespoke audio visual power supplies from Ideal Power

Whichever design topology works best for you, we can provide a high-quality PSU meeting the standards and certifications that are relevant to your applications; such as the Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus standard IEC/EN 60065:2014.

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