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GlarycphGlary Power Technology are the leading innovators of board mount DC/DC converters and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Glary are known for producing extremely reliable power converters that exceed 90% efficiency and have an impressive power density to size ratio.


Established in 1998, Glary have proved to be a reliable option for electronic design engineers due to a unique combination of industry-leading design, immense reliability and superior knowledge. The Glary business model is built on patents pushing the boundaries of design by exceeding expectations for the design and manufacture of DC/DC converters.


When designing electronic hardware, Glary technology and the IP Support engineering team work together to match the exact application power requirements whilst working closely with the application design engineers. The IP Support team provide assistance through the whole design process from concept, design, quotations, samples and testing to approvals and standards compliance, shipping, stock-holding and after-sales service.


Glary Power Technology is the elite choice for DC/DC power conversion.



Glary DC/DC product guide

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Glary BrickGlary Encapsulated
Select from isolated and regulated industry-standard forms ranging from 40W to 2KW available with single or dual output:
  • Full Brick - (Brick)
  • Half Brick - (1/2 Brick)
  • Quarter Brick - (1/4 Brick)
  • Eighth Brick - (1/8 Brick)
  • Sixteenth Brick - (1/16 Brick)
  • Thirty-Second / Micro Brick - (1/32 Brick)
  • Sixty-Fourth / Nano Brick - (1/64 Brick)

Technology and design


The Glary Power Technology business model embrases the continuous

improvement of designs to produce market-leading products:

Glary Technology



  • Fewer components on system board
  • Faster transient response
  • Lower ripple and lower RFI noise
  • No Tantalum capacitors are used which increases MTBF
  • High Density in a small form factor
  • Extremely low heat generation / loss

Unique, low heat, high power design
  1. Single-sided component layout allows for easy mounting on the base
  2. Sink-Plate options eliminate the need for extra heat-sinks
  3. Specify vertical or horizontal heat-sink fins to increase compatibility with system air-flow
  4. Smooth and precise edges of the base plate allow for a compact fitment

Buck Reset Forward technology

US Patent Granted - US6239989


Exclusive to Glary, patented Buck Reset Forward Technology improves Synchronous Rectification (SR) operation by reducing the amount of components required. Achieved through a technique which improves the efficiency of rectification by replacing diodes with actively controlled switches usually power MOSFETs or power BJTs, this innovative and unique topology design reduces heat generaton, improves thermal effencicy through equal heat distribution and allows an incredible amount of power to be available.


Reducing the footprint required by the power supply on a PCB provides a huge benefit for system hardware design as other system / application critical components can reclaim space.


Filtering and Ripple elimination


Ripple free performance by our unique circuit topology with no additional filtering components on primary side.





Full project design assistance


With over 40-years of experience in the power supply industry, the IP Support engineering team work as a technical partner or an extension to a design team to cooperate in the design process and offer full project power supply support covering prototyping samples, manufacturing, shipping and even the stock-holding of units in the UK ready for call-off at the customer’s convenience.


IP Support engineering team