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Staying Current with Market Demands - Idealpower
4th August 2017

Staying Current with Market Demands

Staying Current with Market Demands

At the forefront of any product or design solution, stands demand, without a demand we are hard-pressed to find a market for our product(s); whether it’s the latest gadget or the most popular toy.

That’s why the team here at Ideal Power are always working hard at finding the latest trends, keeping up with our customer demands.

One of the biggest impacts on the industry to date is the rapid industrialisation of the Asia Pacific region, resulting in the high growth of ITC, communication and medical equipment. Though key opportunities have been identified by The Global Isolated DC/DC Converter Market Research Report 2016-2022 in the Asia Pacific region in particular, the report also identifies plenty of opportunity for competition on a global basis.

This boost in the market will have a knock-on effect among many industries, with the DC/DC converter market alone expected to grow to 7 billion USD by 2022.

Ideal Power | DC/DC Converter | Open Frame   Ideal Power | DC/DC Converter | Chassis Frame     Ideal Power | DC/DC Converter | Chassis Frame    Ideal Power | DC/DC Converter | Encapsulated Minature SMD Pack

The products featured above include (left to right) Brick DC/DC Converters, Chassis Enclosure DC/DC Converters, Encapsulated Chassis Mounted DC/DC Converter and the Minature Encapsulated SMD Package DC/DC Converter.

Here at Ideal Power, we boast a team of dedicated power conversion specialists who work closely with our network of leading manufacturers and industry specialists to provide you with the ideal solution – supporting your needs throughout market growth and expansion.

Why not check out our DC/DC converter products for yourself; available for a vast range of applications worldwide, which are guaranteed to meet compulsory standards and certifications.

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