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New Specialist Range of External PSU’s Targeted at the Security Industry - Idealpower
23rd July 2014

New Specialist Range of External PSU’s Targeted at the Security Industry

The 07SVS is a new specialist range of external, multi-output, mountable power supplies which are available from Ideal Power. Intended for applications predominantly within the security industry, the dedicated unit is an effective solution to power up to four applications simultaneously.


The series of units have x4 screw-terminals capable of supplying a combined output of up to 5A. This provides excellent compatibility for either single or multiple applications. Dependant on the application, one channel can be used to receive the full 5A output or a mix of two channels providing 2.5A, three providing 1.66A or four providing 1.25A.

When installing applications at different distances from the power supply, to eliminate voltage-drop and ensure correct operation of the application, the 07SVS series add further flexibility by allowing the voltage to be varied from 12V to 13.8V DC and anything in-between.

The 07SVS series have a wide input voltage of 90V to 264V AC through an industry-standard C14 connection. This means that they are internationally compatible by simply changing the C13 mains input cable.

Safety and Operation

An impressive operating range between -30°C and all the way up to 45°C allows use in a range of dry environments without the need for extra insulation or ventilation.

Protection is provided by a 6A Positive Temperature Coefficient fuse (PTC / resettable fuse) and an LED shows the status of the power supply.

Target Applications

  • Residential, commercial and industrial environments
  • Digital CCTV, security camera and surveillance
  • Door entry systems, both Audio and video
  • Card-swipe systems
  • Proximity fob systems
  • Intercom
  • Alarm system
  • Motion Detection
  • Control Panel
  • Communications Panel

To discuss the use of this power supply or to make a modification to meet the requirements of your application, contact the IP Support engineering team at Ideal Power.

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