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24th November 2016

Today’s fast paced electronics market is driving the demand for innovation. This lies not only within the design of new products, meeting high efficiencies and unique specifications, but with fluent supply chain management. Of course! – If it wasn’t for smart logistics, the whole process would fall apart.

We believe that the secret to success within the industry is by delivering the whole process with power and performance in mind. This means ensuring things are done right from the outset to the final goal – but how can this be achieved?

The answer is simple. As your suppliers, we offer a flexible approach to meet your business needs and ensure the smooth flow of your supply chain. We also optimize our products for use with yours, so that the performance of your company and products is fully supported by the application’s Power Supply and source.

We understand and take into consideration the uniqueness of each business and relate accordingly. These include flexible delivery and storage options, including an unbeatable stock holding facility, allowing 24 hour call-off or scheduled deliveries. This is ideal for organisations ordering repeat purchases of units, but do not want to have to store thousands of products in their warehouse, or have to wait long periods for stock to be delivered. Seamless customer service allows your process to flow fluently concentrating on what you’re good at.

Ensuring the best unit for your application and industry is carefully selected, Ideal Power offers products with Worldwide and industry specific approvals, ensuring that whatever industry you operate within, or wherever you intend to supply your end product – you will have confidence knowing that all technical and legal standards are met.

The power products themselves incorporate industry leading topology design and modern components. Features include a vast variety of layout options, high isolation voltages, peak load capacities and extended temperature ranges – meeting all of your unique system requirements. This gives you the power to build to precise specifications, achieving optimum performance from your product.

Ideal Power’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Jon Vallis told us, “We are proud to be able to support our customer whilst they shape the future of technology. Knowing that we are providing them with our best expert advice gives us a feeling of involvement within this process, which we thoroughly enjoy.”

Begin your journey to peak performance with quality power supply and conversion solutions today.

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