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14th December 2015
Battery Chargers for a wide range of chemistries from Ideal Power

Ideal Power offer a wide and versatile range of battery chargers for the most popular battery chemistries used in industrial applications and consumer products. The major battery types supported by Ideal Power chargers include Lithium-ion (Li-on), Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad), Lead-Acid and Lead-Crystal. 

Using intelligent and smart charging technologies Ideal Power can ensure Li-ion, NiMH, Lead-Acid and NiCad battery types can be fully charged while ensuring that optimum levels of performance and maximum life-cycle is achieved from the battery.

Ideal Power battery chargers are capable of being customised or configured for any application and are available as advanced 3-Stage, 4-Stage & 7-Stage chargers. Every charger offered is “design engineer friendly” and has been specified to meet not only the specified technical requirements but also to make it as simple as possible to design-in the battery charger at the initial product design stage. This ensures customer’s core engineering effort can be focused on the development of the end product, ensuring fastest time to market.

Primary application areas for our battery chargers include industrial, consumer and purpose built or application specific battery chargers, including leisure and mobility applications.

Recent growth in “wild caravanning” sees caravans and motor homes being used more frequently away from purpose-built camp sites in locations where no mains power is available to re-charge the on-board batteries. Ideal Power has responded to this requirement with their recently introduced 25 amp output FC 2512-BHFhigh current battery charger developed for applications which require longer autonomy times from battery packs.

Jon Vallis, Sales Manager at Ideal Power, comments. “High power battery charging applications will continue to grow as mobile applications, both commercial and military, use increasing amounts of power to run entertainment, lighting, IT and instrumentation systems. For any non-standard applications our UK based Ideal Power IP Support Engineering Team is available to create bespoke power solutions to meet individual requirements.”

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