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30th September 2023

Adapter Plugtop AC/AC Linear Power Supplies act as versatile bridges that convert input AC voltage to a specified output AC voltage. Suitable for powering a myriad of devices, they are portable units that plug directly into the wall outlet and provide the right voltage to your product or device.

In this blog, we will explore the five key benefits of using Adapter Plugtop AC/AC Linear Power Supplies, including their essential benefits such as portability and affordability. These attributes, coupled with their operational efficiency, make them an invaluable asset for many industries, from consumer electronics to advanced industrial instrumentation.

Simple Circuitry Means Fewer Moving Parts

The first point to make about linear plugtop AC/AC power adapters is that because they have a simple job to do, their circuitry matches this. Inside, you’ll find that there are fewer moving parts than you’ll find in a switching power adapter, which not only makes the product less expensive in the first place but also reduces the difficulty and cost of repairing an individual component.

Fast Response to Load Fluctuations

A linear power supply converts electric energy into AC output by reducing the voltage of an incoming AC power using a transformer, then rectifying and smoothing it. If it were to do this process the other way around – smoothing the voltage before culling it – it would mean a greater delay in responding to fluctuations in energy input. A linear PSU is streamlined to respond quickly to load fluctuations because it is controlled by the response of the regulator circuit rather than the control circuit, ultimately resulting in a safer, more consistent product.

Plugtop Portability

Plugtop adapters are the most portable PSU option for any device. The alternative is a desktop power supply, which has a large power brick used to convert power. On a practical level, this is far less portable, as the bulk and weight of a desktop power supply make it inconvenient to carry around, especially for products designed to be compact and lightweight. With a plugtop adapter, this is no issue.

77DB-06-xy 6VA AC/AC External Adapter UK Plugtop Power Supply (PSU) Series

AC/AC Energy is Easy to Generate

AC/AC adapters do not need to convert energy, unlike AC/DC converters. This means that AC energy can transmit into the device with little power loss, and the reduced need for conversion equipment in the PSU makes it less expensive.

Ideal for Small Power Output Devices

Linear power supplies are made for a less intensive purpose that does not require conversion, meaning it is best used when the output power is small. For devices that operate at a wattage lower than 400W, a linear power supply is a more suitable option that can be produced at a lower cost. If you’re after a power supply that is both affordable and efficient, the plugtop AC/AC adapter linear power supply unit is a valiant option.

Ideal Power is the UK’s highest-rated destination for certified electrical components, and our high-quality range of adapter plugtop AC/AC linear power supplies is the finest way to power your product safely and efficiently. If you want to swiftly sort through our range for a specific component, use our comparison tool to select up to four PSUs and have all the relevant information on one single page to make sure that you find the most suitable component for your needs. To request a quote or for more details, connect with our team today.

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