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11th August 2023 Case study

“Among the many factors that contribute to the reliability of Gaugemaster controls’ products is the suitability of the power supply from Ideal Power at the heart of its products, and we have seen this reflected in Gaugemaster controls’ continual growth over the years. Ideal Power is always our first choice when looking for power supplies for the past 10 years” – Greg Spears, Chief Manufacturing Officer.

Founded in the UK, Gaugemaster Controls manufactures model railway controllers, which are set up for use with the model railway industry. Having been in business since 1974, they have a reputation for providing high quality products to their customers.

Gaugemaster was looking to expand their product portfolios by introducing the Gaugemaster Infinity Range as well as a single-track controller with a plug-in transformer. The infinity range is a wireless analogue solution, which allows you control separate track sections from a single remote while the single-track controls function as their name suggests, but with a wall mount/plug-in attachment.

Gaugemaster Single Track Controller with Plug In Transformer with Ideal Power 77DB-12-xy SERIES

Railway controllers are typically used to control the movement of trains, operate signals, communicate with trains and other railway assets, monitor availability of track and the condition of trains, and improve safety on the railway network.

Ideal Powers’ AC/DC External desktop power supply, part number 15DYS865-150400W, as well as it’s AC/AC External adapter, part number 77DB-12-16-GM, were the perfect fit for Gaugemasters’ requirements. As a result of product specifications, a bespoke power supply was recommended for the latter part number.

By creating a tailored solution, Gaugemaster can ensure that the PSU is optimized for the specific needs of the customer and their model railway setup. This can result in a more efficient and reliable power supply, which can in turn lead to better performance and smoother operation of the model railway.

Another advantage of bespoke PSU solutions is the potential for energy efficiency, which can reduce overall running costs for the customer. By ensuring that the PSU is designed to meet the specific power requirements of the customer’s setup, unnecessary energy waste can be avoided. This can lead to increased sustainability and cost savings over time. In addition, bespoke PSU solutions can also offer improved safety features, such as over-current and over-voltage protection, which can provide peace of mind for the customer.

At Ideal Power, we prioritize the development and maintenance of strong relationships with our clients. Our commitment to client satisfaction is unwavering as we go above and beyond to meet their needs and exceed expectations. We understand that success in business relies on building trust with end-users and our team is dedicated to achieving this goal through every project and interaction.

Speak to our sales and technical experts to get started on bespoke solutions today.

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