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5th December 2023

Unveiling the 36LMF3036-20Bxx Series

In the dynamic landscape of power supply units, a groundbreaking leap has been taken with the introduction of the 36LMF3036-20Bxx series. This series stands at the forefront of high-power enclosed AC-DC switching PSUs, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of industries. With features like universal AC input, DC input compatibility, cost-effectiveness, high efficiency, reliability, and reinforced insulation, the 36LMF3036-20Bxx series promises to redefine power supply standards.

36LMF3036-20Bxx Series in AC-DC Switching PSU Technology


Unparalleled Features Redefining Power Supply Norms:
  1. Universal Power Compatibility: Setting a new benchmark, the 36LMF3036-20Bxx series accommodates an extensive input voltage range of 85 – 277VAC for universal AC input or 130 – 390VDC for DC input. This versatility positions it as an ideal solution for applications across various industries.
  2. High Efficiency: Efficiency is a hallmark of the series, boasting an impressive rating of up to 92%. It ensures optimal power conversion and minimises energy wastage, contributing to reduced operational costs and a more sustainable approach to power usage.
  3. Operating Altitude: Elevating expectations, these power supply units are engineered to operate seamlessly at altitudes of up to 5000m. This feature demonstrates their resilience and reliability, making them suitable for deployment in diverse and challenging environments.
  4. Enhanced I/O Isolation: Prioritising safety in power distribution, the 36LMF3036-20Bxx series features high I/O isolation voltage of up to 4000VAC. This advanced isolation capability safeguards connected systems and contributes to the overall reliability of the power supply.
  5. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Adaptability is a key strength of these power supplies, with an operating temperature range spanning from -40℃ to +85℃. This broad range ensures their effectiveness in diverse environmental conditions, from extreme cold to sweltering heat.
  6. Multiple Functions: The 36LMF3036-20Bxx series doesn’t just stop at providing power; it goes further with multiple functions. Equipped with Active Power Factor Correction (PFC), 7+1 parallel redundancy, PMBus communication, and adjustable output voltage, these power supply units offer users a range of customisation options to tailor the power supply to specific needs.
  7. Comprehensive Protection: Safety is paramount, and the 36LMF3036-20Bxx series prioritises it with comprehensive protection features. These include safeguards against output short circuits, over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature incidents, ensuring the longevity and reliability of connected systems.
  8. Certification: Complying with stringent standards, the 36LMF3036-20Bxx series is designed in accordance with IEC/EN/UL/BS EN62368 and UL60601. This certification attests to the series’ adherence to rigorous safety and performance criteria, giving users confidence in its reliability.

For an in-depth exploration of technical details and specifications, refer to the datasheet of the 36LMF3036-20Bxx series.

Applications Across Industries

The 36LMF3036-20Bxx series is not just a technological marvel; it’s a versatile solution catering to many industries. Its excellent Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance and compliance with standards such as IEC/EN61000-4, CISPR32/EN55032, IEC/EN/UL/BS EN62368, and UL60601, make it suitable for various applications, including:

Industry Applications incluse, Induatrial, LED and street light control, Electricity and Security, Telecommunications, Medical and Smart Home.

  1. Industrial: Powering critical systems in industrial settings, the LMF3036-20Bxx series ensures a stable and reliable power supply for manufacturing processes and machinery.
  2. LED and Street Light Control: In the realm of lighting, these power supply units contribute to the efficiency and reliability of LED and street lighting systems, ensuring continuous and bright illumination.
  3. Electricity and Security: Vital infrastructure, such as electricity grids and security systems, relies on stable power sources. The 36LMF3036-20Bxx series provides the necessary power with reliability and efficiency.
  4. Telecommunications: In the world of constant connectivity, the seamless operation of communication systems is crucial. The 36LMF3036-20Bxx series supports this with its advanced features and robust design.
  5. Medical: Medical equipment demands a power supply that prioritises safety and reliability. The 36LMF3036-20Bxx series meets these requirements, ensuring a consistent and secure power source for critical medical devices.
  6. Smart Home: The smart home revolution relies on a dependable power supply. These power supply units contribute to the functionality of smart home devices, ensuring they operate seamlessly.

Contact us today to discover the perfect model for your specific needs and elevate your power supply solutions with the 36LMF3000-20Bxx series – where innovation meets reliability.

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