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19th October 2023

Look around a populated area and you’ll likely notice the full-colour LED signage and message boards in front of shops, restaurants, office building walls and more.

Equally, when you’re driving along a motorway, there are also LEDs for variable-message signs that give drivers crucial and live-updating information that can be seen when they are travelling at 70mph. Whether it’s for informative road traffic or advertising signage, LED drivers supply the power to these signs and protect your LEDs from fluctuations in voltage or current.

By understanding the importance of LED drivers and how they impact our daily lives through signage solutions, you can start to make informed decisions to optimise your product and meet the diverse needs of your customers. In this article, we’ll take you through the various needs to have a fully functional LED driver, from brightness and longevity to energy efficiency and product compatibility.


Brightness is a pivotal aspect of LED signage solutions. The LED driver’s ability to provide the right amount of power is crucial in maintaining optimal brightness and ensuring visibility under various lighting conditions.

Dimming capabilities are invaluable, allowing adjustments to the brightness level according to the ambient light conditions, time of day, or specific user requirements. This feature not only enhances the flexibility of the signage solutions but also contributes to energy efficiency and extends the longevity of the LED components. Our sales and technical team are on ground to work you through our dimmable LED Drivers and its applications.

Long-Lasting Performance

For LED signages, especially those placed outdoors, durability is a paramount consideration. A high-quality LED driver guarantees long-lasting performance, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacements. People will be able to see disseminating information or advertising content for longer.

It’s essential to choose a driver that matches the wattage requirements of the LED signage to avoid overdriving the LEDs, which can lead to premature failures. Given that many signages are outdoors, waterproofing is also crucial. A waterproof IP67 LED driver is best suited for outdoor applications because of its certified water and rain protection qualities, ensuring uninterrupted performance regardless of the weather conditions. Browse Ideal Power’s collection of IP67-certified waterproof LED drivers if this is at the top of your requirements.

IP67 Certified waterproof 40VAS-xxxxxDyyyy 30~300W LED Driver Series

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient LED drivers are integral to sustainable signage solutions. They minimise power consumption while maintaining optimal performance levels. To have this, have the input and output power be as close as possible to minimise the amount of energy conversion needed before it is distributed to the LEDs. We have an extensive collection of constant current LED drivers with a range of outputs extending from 12W to 52.5W, allowing you to reduce energy loss and contribute to the overall affordability of the LED signage solution.


Integrating LED drivers with different types of signages requires you to be mindful of current regulations. For example, products such as our 40XT-GDxxxG-Hyzzzz Series 12-40W LED Driver have the RoHS certification that makes them approved for use in EU territories. Or the aforementioned IP67 LED driver certification which accredits a piece of equipment as sufficiently waterproof for outside use.

40XT-GDxxxG-Hyzzzz 12-40W LED Driver Series

Ideal Power’s online store allows you to filter our products by which certifications and regulations, be it purpose regulations or localised regulations. By finding an LED driver that adheres to the right regulations, you can avoid legal complications and ensure the production of safe and reliable signage solutions.

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