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3rd October 2023

Industrial automation machinery requires a steadfast power supply unit (PSU) to ensure uninterrupted operation. However, these components come in various forms, each serving a pivotal role from bolstering control panel manufacturing to ensuring meticulous environmental monitoring and more.

This blog post will delve into internal power supplies and their various applications within industrial automation. We will explore the efficacy of Din Rail power supply units, a staple for control panel manufacturers, AC/DC internal PSUs that are crucial in gas and emissions monitoring, enclosed PSUs that power environmental monitoring systems and AC/DC converters in powering robotic arms for automotive manufacturing.

Each of these internal power supplies plays a critical role in industrial automation, catering to specific needs, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring the sustained performance of industrial operations.

Din Rail Power Supplies for Control Panel Manufacturers

Din rail power supplies serve as a reliable power source to streamline various control panels. The compact and modular nature of these power supplies enables efficient space utilisation within control panels, allowing a flexible approach to design and configuration. This is essential for housing various components like PLCs, sensors, and relays efficiently.

Typically, these are set with a standard 24V input, with the wattage being adjustable depending on the application’s size. Ideal Power’s din rail power supplies adhere to international standards, ensuring compatibility with a myriad of devices and components, a critical factor for manufacturers. Moreover, the modular setup of din rail power supplies provides an ideal solution for scalable setups, allowing modifications based on updated system requirements.

AC/DC Internal Units for Gas and Emissions Monitoring

AC/DC internal units are integral components in gas and emissions monitoring applications within the industrial sector. Their crucial role lies in providing the consistent and stable DC power output that is vital for the continuous and accurate functioning of monitoring systems.

What makes AC/DC Internal Units, particularly models like the 36LM75-23B24, indispensable for gas and emissions monitoring is their capability to deliver electrical isolation between the input and output. This feature is paramount, as it protects the system’s sensitive components from any noise and fluctuations in the power source. In environments where precise measurements are critical, the stability offered by these units ensures that the readings obtained are not only accurate but also reliable.

The inherent stability and reliability of AC/DC Internal PSUs enhance the efficacy and integrity of the monitoring process, making them a quintessential component in achieving precise and dependable monitoring outcomes in various industrial settings.

Fig 1. 36LM75-23Bxx 75W Enclosed AC/DC Switching Power Supply Series

Enclosed Power Supply Units for Environmental Monitoring Systems

Equipping an enclosed power supply unit with an environment monitoring system designed to keep track of an industrial business’ emissions output over many years is a fitting match.

Enclosed power supply units are encased in a tough net-pattern shell that protects the system from weather elements such as dust, rain, hail and more. Moreover, these units integrate cooling and ventilation systems to manage the temperature of the system and prevent overheating of internal components. This enhances the durability and longevity of the power supply and wider monitoring system, reducing maintenance costs and worry.

Many environmental monitoring systems use our 43TED65UD93C 65W Enclosed AC/DC Power Supply Unit, which has a high operating efficiency rating of up to 90.5% and has two outputs – one 24V and the other 5V – to provide redundancy in case one output fails. With an enclosed PSU attached, your monitoring system can continue to conserve the planet’s atmosphere and the environmental safety of industrial plants.

AC/DC Converters for Robotic Arms in Automotive Production

Robotic arms have become the backbone of a modern, ultra-efficient vehicle production line. Today, they perform intricate tasks with precision to assemble vehicles from shells into finished products. These high-tech contraptions must be adaptable enough to connect to different AC inputs with varying voltage levels.

AC/DC converters are the ideal solution for this issue. They can connect to many AC inputs and still provide a stable DC output to power your robotic arm. Components like our 65W Open Frame Chassis AC/DC Power Supply Unit are highly efficient up to 90.5% and ensure the continuous, reliable operation of this machine which will be operating through periods of high demand.

Browse Ideal Power’s collection of high-quality internal power supply units and find the best electrical component for you. We offer an extensive range of internal, din rail, enclosed and AC/DC power supplies to fit a diverse array of electrical products. Use our comparison tool to create a shortlist and evaluate the various options. It allows you to select up to four PSUs and have all the relevant information on one single page to make sure that you find the most suitable component for your needs. No matter where in the world your product ends up, you can be confident in the knowledge that our units conform to all relevant safety standards and regulations. To request a quote or for more details, connect with our team today.

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