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13th May 2024
Optimising Audio Infrastructure for Industry Needs

In today’s fast-paced business world, the smooth flow of audio communication and entertainment holds immense significance. At the heart of this complex ecosystem lies a crucial yet often underestimated component—audio servers. These technological marvels are the backbone of audio distribution and management systems, providing businesses unparalleled control and reliability in their audio endeavours.

Understanding Audio Servers

Audio servers, whether sophisticated software applications or hardware devices, are meticulously designed to store, manage, and distribute audio content across networks. From streaming music to facilitating live broadcasts, they cater to diverse needs, ensuring precision and reliability in audio delivery.

Evolution and Adaptation:

As technology advances, audio servers have evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of various industries. From the early days of online streaming platforms to today’s multifaceted entertainment systems, these servers have continuously adapted to shifting landscapes, embracing new functionalities and features.

Applications Across Industries
  • Entertainment Industry: Audio servers are pivotal in fuelling music streaming services and enhancing live events, providing audiences with an immersive and unforgettable experience.
  • Hospitality Sector: Hotels and resorts rely on audio servers to enhance guest experiences through seamless audio delivery, creating welcoming atmospheres and elevating customer satisfaction.
  • Retail Space: In retail environments, audio servers shape ambience and influence customer behaviour through carefully curated background music and targeted announcements, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Corporate Environment: Audio servers foster efficient communication and collaboration in corporate settings, facilitating precise and reliable audio transmission during conference calls, presentations, and webinars.
  • Education Sector: Educational institutions leverage audio servers to enhance the teaching and learning experience, delivering multimedia content in classrooms, lecture halls, and online learning platforms.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Audio servers are crucial in healthcare settings, facilitating critical communication and patient care through paging systems and staff communication solutions.
  • Transportation Hubs: Airports, train stations, and bus terminals utilise audio servers to provide timely and relevant audio information to travellers, enhancing their overall experience and ensuring smooth operations.
Meeting the Challenge of High-End Component Sourcing

In today’s world, sourcing high-end and high-performing electrical components for the products you design, or sell is a challenge many industries face. We at Ideal Power understand this challenge and offer various leading audiovisual power supplies, including linear and switch-mode PSUs. Our comprehensive selection ensures businesses find the perfect power supply solutions to complement their audio infrastructure, enhancing performance and reliability.

Let’s explore some of our products for use in the Audio/Visual Industry:

56YSM60 xy Audio visual power supply Unit

56YSM60-xy 60W Enclosed ACDC Power Supply

  • A wide voltage input range of 85~277V AC allows flexibility in deployment across various audio setups, from small-scale studios to large concert venues.
  • Up to 91% efficiency ensures minimal power loss, maximising energy conservation and reducing operating costs for audio facilities.
  • Safety standards compliant with IEC/UL 62368-1 guarantee reliable and secure operation, which is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted audio transmission during critical events or performances.
  • Its output SCP, OLP, and OVP features protect against power surges and fluctuations, safeguarding sensitive audio equipment from damage.
66JYH5Z xy BY Audio visual power supply Unit 66JYH5Z-xy-BY 96W ACDC External Desktop Power Supply (PSU)

  • This external desktop power supply offers universal input compatibility (100~240V AC), making it ideal for powering a wide range of audio devices, from amplifiers to mixers.
  • With its safety approvals to CE, cULus, RCM (C-Tick), and compliance with UL/EN/IEC 62368-1 standards, this power supply ensures reliability and peace of mind in audio applications.
  • Its efficiency level VI compliance and adherence to (EU) 2019/1782 regulations.
  • The single output, ranging from 1248V DC, caters to the diverse power requirements of different audio equipment, offering versatility and compatibility across various setups.
77DB 12 xy Audio visual power supply Unit 77DB-12-xy 12VA ACAC External Adapter UK Plugtop Power Supply (PSU)

  • This external adapter offers a direct plug-and-play solution for powering audio equipment in British studios, venues, and installations.
  • Its safety approvals to UKCA, CE, and compliance with BS EN 61558-2-6 & BS EN 61558-1 standards ensure reliable and secure operation, meeting the stringent requirements of the audio industry.
  • With output voltage ranging from 3.524V AC and output current from 0.53.43A, this power supply provides ample power for a wide range of audio devices, from microphones to amplifiers.
Why Choose Ideal Power…

Ideal Power is a beacon of reliability, scalability, and support for businesses navigating the intricate audio infrastructure. With our tailored audio server solutions and unmatched customer service, we ensure a seamless integration process and provide ongoing support to optimise your audio projects.

Audio servers are indispensable components of modern business operations across industries. Understanding their functionalities and potential applications empowers businesses to harness the power of audio technology effectively. No matter what sector, Ideal Power is your trusted partner for building a robust audio infrastructure.

Reach out to Antony, our dedicated Audio Specialist, today to embark on a journey toward elevating your business’ audio capabilities and unlocking new possibilities for success.

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