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Accelerating Electric Vehicle Power Systems - Idealpower
30th June 2016

Accelerating Electric Vehicle Power Systems

Electric Vehicle Power Systems

It is an exciting yet demanding time for the Automotive Industry, as the need for energy efficient and low emission vehicles is becoming a strong focus. To be ‘Seen to be Green’ is an attribute which is beginning to shape corporate culture — and within the automotive sector, this means producing zero-emissions vehicles.

Ideal Power offers a large range of Electric Vehicle Power Systems; including DC/DC converters capable of facilitating such automotive applications as battery management systems and motor controllers.

The management system is the heart of Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, with the power module conducting the essential job of monitoring the voltage, current, temperature, SOC system and isolation status of the battery.

Electric Vehicle Power Systems

Our 36CF0505XT01WR2 DC/DC converter is applied within this system in order to efficiently maximise its overall performance. The module features a 3,500 V DC isolation, and an operating temperature range of -50°C~+125°C, whilst complying with both TS16949 and AEC-Q100 – thus making it the ideal unit for the job!

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