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DC/DC Converter



DC/DC power supply converters ready to convert a voltage source of Direct Current (DC) to another specified DC voltage. Primary application areas include Medical, Communications, Security, Military, Industrial, Consumer and Portable devices. 


 DC/DC Brick                             PCB

                           Brick                                                                          Chassis/Cover                                                               Encapsulated PCB Mounting


Di               chassis              

  Encapsulated                                                                         Encapsulated                                                             Encapsulated

      DIN-Rail Mounting                                                               Chassis Mounting                                             Miniature SMD Package




Encapsulated                                                                       SIP/DIP                                                           SMD Package



Ideal Power Bespoke Build System

 Bespoke Build System


Configure to meet your exact power supply requirements using the Ideal Power Bespoke Build system. This allows you to tailor the power supply to match the needs of your application.




Using a combination of industry leading design and the latest component technology, Ideal Power DC/DC Converters are high density and highly efficient with some models exceeding 90% efficiency. Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS), Synchronous Rectifier (SR) and Trans-Filter topology architectures are available along-side conventional hard-switching methods, encased in compact low profile Brick, Encapsulated and Open Frame housings / Chassis Cover (Enclosed).


Very low temperature operation is achieved by the special one-sided design incorporated into Ideal Power DC/DC converters. The one-sided build consists of components located on one side of the PCB instead of two. This allows for excellent dissipation of heat through the back of the PCB which acts as a large heat-sink to then be attached to a cold-plate. This means less energy is wasted, the application device runs cooler, the components can attain their maximum life-cycle along with power cost savings. 


Other specification considerations comprise of Switched Mode, Regulated, Single or Dual outputs configured in a Single Inline Package (SIP) or Double Inline Package (DIP).



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Glary Power Technology are the leading innovators of board mount DC/DC converters and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Glary are known for producing extremely reliable power converters that exceed 90% efficiency and have an impressive power density to size ratio. 



Ideal Power Engineer Friendly

Engineer Friendly


Each DC/DC Converter product has been considered from an engineer’s requirements to make it as easy as possible to design-in the power supply at the initial design stage, allowing core engineering effort to be focused on the development of the actual device and progressing the project forward to completion instead of power supply and conversion.


Ideal Power achieve engineer friendly DC/DC Converter products using the following criteria:

  • Correct approvals and CE conformity for the application
  • Full specification data sheets
  • Technical support from the Technical Power Engineering team
  • Availability of stock
  • Future security of stock
  • Obsolescence protection (minimum 18 months notice)
  • Alternative item guarantee
  • Stock holding
  • Industry standard pin-out / Fit Form Function (FFF)