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Reliable DC/DC Converter, Built to Deliver in the most Demanding Environments - Idealpower
26th July 2018

Reliable DC/DC Converter, Built to Deliver in the most Demanding Environments

Experts in power conversion, Ideal Power, announce the availability of the new MQB DC/DC converter series designed and developed by PowerGood (PG).

Reliable DC/DC ConverterAbout the manufacturer

PowerGood (PG) are leading designers and manufacturers with almost 30 years of experience. Boasting sales of over 100,000 rugged DC/DC modules, specifically for use in the toughest of environments. The continued development of robust DC/DC converters from PG has allowed businesses to continue equipment operation regardless of surrounding conditions.


Designed with MIL-STD-810 in mind, the new series has been developed to withstand moisture, dust and severe vibration; providing continuous performance in the most extreme conditions. A universal quarter-brick topology and ultra-wide input range of up to 12:1, make the MQB series an ideal choice for a vast range of applications that need a durable power supply solution.

Designed with construction, forestry and agriculture vehicle control panels in mind, the series features a lightweight and robust aluminium casing; contributing to an impressive operating case temperature of -45°C – 115°C for continuous operation in severe climate conditions; where humidity, high or low temperatures might be a concern. In addition, PG’s synchronous rectifier topology helps deliver competitive efficiency rates of up to 91%; limiting the amount of heat dissipation required within applications.

Reliable DC/DC Converter

Reliable DC/DC Converter

  • 4:1, 8:1 and 12:1 input range options
  • Available with single and dual outputs
  • No minimum load on single output modules
  • Variable output (+/- 10%)
  • Long-life capacitor
  • High-efficiency rates 89-91%
  • 2250V DC isolation
  • Over voltage, over temperature, over current protection and under voltage lock out

Selected modules also feature dual output functions, providing even more versatility and allowing modules to be easily placed between several different systems when needed.

With no minimum load features, isolation voltages of 2250V DC (input to output), under voltage lockout, over voltage and output power protection, you can rest assured that the MQB series will deliver safety first, preventing system damage and loss.

For more information on the MQB series and other DC/DC modules available from PG, contact us, and we will be happy to assist in finding you the ideal solution.