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14.4V DC 18A (216W) Lead Acid Battery Chargers

14.4V DC                18A   
				Lead Acid Battery Chargers                 
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Product ID : 31FC1812-BHF

Open Frame Battery Charger

  • 18A 7-Stage Intelligent Automatic Charging Process
  • OEM Open Frame or Custom Enclosure
  • Automatically operates in both constant current and constant voltage modes for batteries up to 48V
  • Best suited to the Lead Acid family of batteries such as Wet Cell (flooded), Gel Cell, and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
  • Also can be used with Lead Crystal chemistry
  • Over-current, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, thermal protection and output-reverse polarity
  • EMC Choke
  • SANKEN 2H097HI Alternative
  • Suited for caravan, motor home and RV applications

Fully Approved to EN60335-2-29 & EN60335-1



Ideal Power
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Input Voltages
230V AC 47-63Hz
Output Voltages
14.4V DC
Output Power
Output Current
172 x 92 x 56mm