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Chinese New Year 2018 Order Deadlines - Idealpower
16th November 2017

Chinese New Year 2018 Order Deadlines

Staying Ahead of Chinese New Year 2018 with Ideal Power

Though many of us will be taking a well-deserved reprieve from ensuring products reach the shelves ahead of the Christmas rush, it won’t last long as we prepare for factories to close ahead of Chinese New Year 2018 celebrations.

Chinese New Year | Ideal Power

As millions travel thousands of miles to share festivities with family and friends, the largest production force in the world ceases for weeks surrounding Chinese New Year Day, affecting all orders forecasted for the early part of 2018.

With factories closing as early as the third week of January, we advise orders should be received no later than Friday 8th December to avoid disruption. Orders are expected to arrive in the UK on the following dates:

Last Delivery via Sea Freight
W/C 5th March 2018

Last Delivery via Air Freight
W/C 5th February 2018

Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs with a member of our team.

Introducing AC/DC PSUs Boasting High Efficiency and Built-in EMI Filters

43TAF150 Series Ideal for a versatile range of applications

  • Low Standby Power Consumption
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • Built-In EMI Filter
  • Output Voltage Adjustable
  • 3000V AC Reinforced Insulation
  • Protection Class I and Class II
  • Low Leakage current Under 300μA
  • Operating Altitude 5000M
  • Efficiency rates upto92%
  • 3 Year Warranty

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