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Animating Wireless Technology - Idealpower
20th July 2018

Animating Wireless Technology

Supporting Developers of Smart Technology

Did you know Ideal Power offers a wide range of units suitable for wireless, IoT and smart technology applications?

Whether you need a plugtop solution for distribution worldwide, compact AC/DC units or isolated DC/DC converters we can offer a reliable solution to suit your needs.

Animating WirelessThe new ESAN series offers a 7-15W DC/DC converter solution in a compact package of 32.3 x 16.5 x 10.20mm. Features include 2:1/4:1 wide input, 1600V DC isolation voltage, -40°C to 70°C operation temperature without derating, efficiency ratings of 84% minimum together with under voltage, over current, over voltage and over thermal protection features.


Animating Wireless Level VI Interchangeable Plugtop
43TSC15 15W AC/DC PSU 15DYS618 Interchangeable PSU
The 43TSC15 series offers a compact solution at just 42 x 28.9 x 21.5mm with 3000V AC reinforced insulation, EN 55032 Class B EMI filter, an operating altitude of 5000m, low standby power and efficiency ratings of 84% plus. We’re better than XP Power Our 15DYS618 series combines versatility and performance. Available from 5 to 24V and conforming to Level VI efficiency standards at rates as high as 85%, as well as over voltage, over current and short circuit protection; the series offers an all-round solution.