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1/8 brick P08 designed to take pulsed load applications - Idealpower
10th April 2019

1/8 brick P08 designed to take pulsed load applications

Ideal Power, experts in power conversion, have recently added the new product ‘The Pulser’ the P08 1/8 brick,  from Glary Power Technology Ltd, an innovative Taiwanese manufacturer. The new released DC/DC converter delivers 12V/25A designed with patented ‘Buck-Reset Forward’ topology and proprietary ‘Partial-Resonant-Synchronous-Rectifer’ rectification stage switching at 450kHZ frequency to deliver 300 watts of power and achieving 94% conversion efficiency.

The P08 was demonstrated in November at 2018 Electronica Munich trade fair, the unit was be loaded with 10% to 90% (2.5A to 22.5A) of pulsed-load continuously running for 8 hours of each exhibition date to present its ground breaking transient load performance.

The P08 includes an additional feature the wide-band ‘Pulsed-Load-Signal-Estimator’ (Pulser) circuit technology, its step load performance has been optimised to suppress the peak deviation well under +-8% of its rated output voltage. There is the option to other a further peak deviation +-5% or +-3% by adding a 470uF or 2200uF external output capacitor.

The P08 can effectively limit the output current to 1/3rd of that from conventional converters due to the embedded  ‘UltraFast i-Limit’ technology. This is built to eliminate the short circuit current, which helps to reduce the delay of the current loop from 350us to 60ns.

The temperature control of the P08 ‘Pulser’ is controlled by the power semiconductor chips being attached to the inner surface of a low profile six sided metallic case to spread heat to the outer surface homogeneously. For extreme harsh vibrations external cooling options can be attached onto the top or bottom sides using four M2 screws.

The P08  metal case cavity is vacuum potted by using thermal conductive silicone, which also maintains hydrostatic pressure balance to secure the operating across 1mBar~100Bar of pressure range.

The P08 is ideally suited for critical pulsed-loads applications in extreme environments that other power converter designs cannot meet such as RF amplifiers and other applications like deep-water probes, pulsed-laser equipment, pulsed emitters, high altitude instruments and similar equipment.