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External Power Supply

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AC / AC and AC / DC External Power Supplies available as a switched-mode power supply (switching-mode power supply, SMPS, switcher) or a linear unit.


The range of physical chassis options include Plug-top, Desk-top and Interchangeable. The primary application areas include consumer, industrial, computing, communication and security.


Modifications can include:

  • Input - volts, frequency range, power consumption and current.
  • Output - voltage, regulation, current / amps, ripple and noise.
  • Efficiency
  • Interchangeable plug-type using an AC Pin / AC Blade head for world-wide versatility.
  • Fixed plug-type for specific region.
  • Every plug-type option available including:
    • United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore
    • Europe, South America
    • North America, Japan, China
    • Australia


Also known as: Desk-Top, Plug-Top, Wall Mount, Plug-In, Adapter, AC Blade, AC Pins and Interchangeable.



DeskTop PlugTop in One


The 25HK-AB, 25HK-AJ and 25HK-U are a range of External Power Supplies from Ideal Power that can function as a Desktop and a Plugtop PSU anywhere in the world!. The flexibility offers a simplified purchase regardless of destination, plug requirement or output voltage/current and you can specify the PSU to suit your needs perfectly.


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Engineer Friendly

Engineer Friendly


Each External PSU product has been considered from an engineer’s requirements to make it as easy as possible to design-in the power supply at the initial design stage, allowing core engineering effort to be focused on the development of the actual device and progressing the project forward to completion instead of power supply and conversion.


Ideal Power achieve engineer friendly External PSUs using the following criteria:

  • Correct approvals and CE conformity for the application
  • Full specification data sheets
  • Technical support from the Technical Power Engineering team
  • Availability of stock
  • Future security of stock
  • Obsolescence protection (minimum 18 months notice)
  • Alternative item guarantee
  • Stock holding
  • Industry standard pin-out / Fit Form Function (FFF)




Ideal Power Bespoke Build SystemBespoke Build System


Configure to meet your exact power supply requirements using the Ideal Power Bespoke Build system. This allows customers to tailor the power supply to match the needs of their application.