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AC/DC power supplies to convert a source of Alternating Current (AC) to a specified Direct Current (DC). Primary application areas include Medical, Communications, Security, Military, Industrial, Data Storage, Networking, Audio / Video and Consumer.



Open Frame                                                                     Medical                                                                                           DIN-Rail



Open Frame SIP/DIP                                                                 Enclosed                                                       Encapsulated PCB Mounting



Encapsulated SIP/DIP Package                           Encapsulated Chassis Mounting                     Encapsulated DIN-Rail Mounting



Suited for use in areas of high regulation or restrictions within the application environment such as hygienic or hazardous zones and devices that require wiring directly into the mains power source.


Available as industry standard Open Frame, Encapsulated and Enclosed (Chassis / Cover) configurations that incorporate industry leading topology design and modern components which achieve high efficiency.



 P-DUKE Power, formerly POWERMATE, is an innovator of AC/DC PSU’s and DC/DC converters,  delivering products, services and solutions to a Global spectrum. With strong values towards quality, and a continuous focus on research and development driving innovation, P-DUKE has acquired world famous companies as their satisfied customers, providing power conversion solutions to such markets as; Medical, Rail, Automation, Telecom and Measurement. P-DUKE products are offered as Standard or Customised and Application Specific units.




 AC/DC PSU’s from P-DUKE Power


P-DUKE’s standard AC/DC range boasts wide range of input voltages and 1~150w output. They offer a range of output voltages and high isolation voltages of up to 4000V AC. The units are available in various different mechanical formats; Open Frame, Chassis, Enclosed and DIN-Rail mounting options.








Ideal Power Engineer Friendly

Engineer Friendly


Each battery charger product has been considered from an engineer’s requirements to make it as easy as possible to design-in the power supply at the initial design stage, allowing core engineering effort to be focused on the development of the actual device and progressing the project forward to completion instead of power supply and conversion.


Ideal Power achieve engineer friendly battery charger products using the following criteria:

  • Correct approvals and CE conformity for the application
  • Full specification data sheets
  • Technical support from the Technical Power Engineering team
  • Availability of stock
  • Future security of stock
  • Obsolescence protection (minimum 18 months notice)
  • Alternative item guarantee
  • Stock holding
  • Industry standard pin-out / Fit Form Function (FFF)



Ideal Power Bespoke Build System

 Bespoke Build System


Configure to meet your exact power supply requirements using the Ideal Power Bespoke Build system. This allows customers to tailor the power supply to match the needs of their application